• Real Estate Closing

    All aspects of real estate closing, delivered efficiently and accurately, by a highly experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained team of professionals.

    • Residential Real Estate Closings
    •  Commercial Real Estate Closings
    • For Sale by Owner
    • FHA/VA Closings
    • Review and advisory for Closing Documents, PSAs and title work
    • Contracts and Leases
    • Real Estate Litigation
    • Formation of Business Entities
    • Private Financing in Certain Qualified Situations
  • For Sale By Owner

    Our team has collectively written thousands of legally
    binding, enforceable purchase and sale agreements for
    independent sellers. Best of all, when our FSBO clients
    return to our offices for the real estate closing, we provide the purchase and sale agreement that was required for their loan documents free of charge. During the closing process
    in our offices, we take the time to clearly explain the
    purpose of every document the buyer must sign to
    complete the transaction.

    Short Sales/Foreclosures/HUD Transactions

    When Realtors work with us, they have the most
    knowledgeable legal staff in the area on their team. At any point and time during the process when Realtors need answers to legal questions about how contracts should be interpreted, immediate answers are just a phone call away.

  • Refinance Transactions

    Not only do we provide an accurate and seamless process for completing refinance transactions, our team is in the unique position of being able to help clients decide which option is the best fit for their situation. We ensure that borrowers are completely informed when it comes time to sign loan documents. Lenders are confident that we will produce the right documents, covering all the fees that need to be charged for these settlement statements, and turn them around quickly with no mistakes.

    Private Financing

    For clients who are not working with a bank, we have relationships that enable us to arrange private financing in certain qualified situations, based on use of the house or property for collateral on
    these loans.