• Steve Gustafson (Color)

    Steve Gustafson, Attorney at Law, President/CEO
    Steve is a 25-year veteran of the Spokane real estate industry with experience as a Realtor, Broker and Attorney at Law.
    As a graduate of Gonzaga Law School, the foundation of his practice is built upon service to the community, a commitment that has enabled Steve to become recognized as one of Spokane’s preeminent real estate attorneys.

    In closing real estate transactions, Steve works hand in hand with government agencies, title insurance companies, brokers, and real property owners. What’s more, he has established long standing working relationships for his firm with every mortgage lender—be it a bank, mortgage company or private equity fund—in Washington state.

    He takes the extra time to help everyone involved understand the legal requirements of the process and make sure that an important life-changing event, such as a real estate transaction, is explained in every detail. Gustafson Law, Inc clients keep coming back because thanks to Steve, the process is different here—they know no one else can offer the kind of personal attention he gives them.

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  • Alissa Raczykowski 2 (Color)

    Alissa Raczykowski, LPO and Rule 6 Law Clerk

    Alissa is eminently qualified to define the highest industry standard of service for the Spokane area real estate community. More than two decades of experience in real estate give her a deep background in law, banking and title insurance.

    Alissa holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Eastern Washington University and a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. She is a Limited Practice Officer licensed by the Washington State Bar Association to close real estate transactions, as well as a Rule 6 Law Clerk eligible to take the Bar Examination in 2017.